The Netball Handbook por Jane Woodlands

The Netball Handbook por Jane Woodlands

Titulo del libro : The Netball Handbook
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 1, 2006
Autor : Jane Woodlands
Número de páginas : 237
ISBN : 0736062653
Editor : Human Kinetics Publishers

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Jane Woodlands con The Netball Handbook

Netballers at all levels are seeking an edge over their opponents in their quest to perform to their potential. The Netball Handbook is the most comprehensive, contemporary resource available to aid in that endeavour.

This complete guide begins by covering essential netball skills such as body control and movement, ball handling, shooting, attacking, and defending before presenting the ever-evolving tactical concepts of the game. Add to that dozens of drills; chapters on physical conditioning, mental training, and teamwork; and tips from some of the game's brightest stars, and you have the blueprint for individual and team success at your fingertips.

Whether you play or coach, veteran coach Jane Woodlands' insights and expertise are just what you need to bridge the gap between good and great. Use The Netball Handbook to move fluently, pass precisely, score successfully, and defend deftly every time on the court.