The Anti-Manichaean Writings (Illustrated) (English Edition) por Saint Augustine of Hippo

The Anti-Manichaean Writings (Illustrated) (English Edition) por Saint Augustine of Hippo

Titulo del libro : The Anti-Manichaean Writings (Illustrated) (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : July 22, 2014
Autor : Saint Augustine of Hippo
Número de páginas : 546
Editor : Aeterna Press

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Saint Augustine of Hippo con The Anti-Manichaean Writings (Illustrated) (English Edition)

— A Classic — Includes Active Table of Contents — Includes Religious Illustrations

Enough, probably, has been done in our other books in the way of answering the ignorant and profane attacks which the Manichaeans make on the law, which is called the Old Testament, in a spirit of vainglorious boasting, and with the approval of the uninstructed. Here, too, I may shortly touch upon the subject. For every one with average intelligence can easily see that the explanation of the Scriptures should be sought for from those who are the professed teachers of the Scriptures; and that it may happen, and indeed always happens, that many things seem absurd to the ignorant, which, when they are explained by the learned, appear all the more excellent, and are received in the explanation with the greater pleasure on account of the obstructions which made it difficult to reach the meaning.

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